Medieval books of hours Uncategorized Discover the World of Medieval Bestsellers: Books of Hours for Sale on Les Enluminures

Discover the World of Medieval Bestsellers: Books of Hours for Sale on Les Enluminures

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Discover the World of Medieval Bestsellers: Books of Hours for Sale on Les Enluminures

The enchanting allure of fairytale castles, knightly accolades, wistful poems of courtly love, and luminous artistry has long captured the hearts and minds of medieval enthusiasts. As we delve deeper into this captivating period, we are beguiled by a host of treasures that span across multiple subjects. One such treasure is the collection of illuminated manuscripts known as Books of Hours. These exquisite pieces are not only a testament to the golden age of chivalry, but also remnants of a lost world reserved for those eager to own a piece of history.

Books of Hours are arguably one of the most common types of manuscripts from medieval Europe, and these small yet ornate prayer books were produced in large numbers during the 14th-16th centuries. Rich in vivid detail and glowing with ethereal illuminations, each Book of Hours contains not just religious texts, but also artworks by well-known painters, scribes and illuminators.

These devotional books were used as personal prayer aids to facilitate devotion and meditative practices amongst their users. They helped individuals structure their daily lives with recitation of prayers, hymns, psalms and sacred readings throughout canonical hours in each day. For many, their Book of Hours represented an intimate companion and spiritual guide.

Now, Les Enluminures offers its clientele a stunning array of Books of Hours for sale that features sparking gems beyond compare. As one of the most distinguished gallerists specializing in manuscripts and miniatures from the Middle Ages and Renaissance periods, they boast some exquisite examples spanning different centuries; from elegant minimalism to those teeming with vibrant gold leaf illustrations.

One particularly awe-inspiring example available from Les Enluminures is a Flemish Book of Hours featuring an intricate page border devoid of any illustration dedicated to St. Margaret, patron saint of childbirth. It contains a mystical depiction of Margaret accompanied by her familiar dragon – a symbol of triumph over evil. The splendid color palette combines rich shades of pink, purple, blue and gold to breathe life into the illuminations, with delicate florals elegantly interwoven among the text.

There is also an exquisite circa 1460 Book of Hours from Tours, France that boasts elegantly scripted Latin and minuscule French Gothic script. Its embellishments are exquisite examples of decorative borders flourishing with acanthus leaves, spirals, and ivy tendrils in bright colors and gold. One remarkable illumination depicts the Nativity, with softly rendered figures set against a deep blue starry sky.

Les Enluminures not only offers private collectors a chance to own tangible pieces of history; they have also partnered with museums and institutions to assist in preserving these cultural artifacts. Clients are privy to an expert authentication process along with in-depth research documentation accompanying each Book of Hours for sale.

In a world where we have become increasingly dependent on technology, the allure of Books of Hours perhaps partially stems from their intimate nature – a connection to our deepest human sensibilities. Les Enluminures allows admirers and collectors the unique opportunity to embrace these masterfully crafted gems and preserve them for future generations, sparking imaginations of the medieval world for years to come.

Explore the enchanting collection of Books of Hours for sale at Les Enluminures and embark on a journey through time that will undoubtedly leave you spellbound by the masterful artistry and devotion of a rich past.

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