Les Enluminures

3. Hours of the Virgin
Infancy cycle

Presentation in the Temple
Follower or Associate of Jean Fouquet

The Hour of None is traditionally illustrated by an image of Christ’s Presentation in the Temple. The version reproduced here is exceptional for its quality and its technique of camaieu d’or painted in gold on black. In spite of its small size, the miniature is executed with exquisite detail showing Mary and Joseph before the altar at which the High Priest Simeon presents the Child.

Once attributed to the great French painter Jean Fouquet (c. 1415-20-c. 1481), this manuscript, which has a sister in the Comites Latentes Collection, was surely illuminated by a close and gifted associate. Fouquet perfected the camaieu d’or technique and used it for his enameled gold on black self-portrait in the Louvre in Paris. The scribe worked on other Fouquet manuscripts.