Les Enluminures
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    Book of Hours (Use of Paris)

    In Latin and French, illuminated manuscript on parchment

    This striking Book of Hours contains miniatures by an accomplished and prolific artist named the Master of the Chronique scandaleuse after a manuscript he painted for Jean de Chabannes (Paris, BnF, MS Clairambaut 481). The miniatures are painted in vibrant colors with ample use of gold brush, with highly original geometric or foliate frames.

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    Book of Hours (Use of CAMBRAI)

    In Latin, with some French, illuminated manuscript on parchment

    With an exceptionally large number of historiated initials, painted in bright vibrant colors, with contours of the initials incorporating zoomorphic figures or dragons, this delicate Book of Hours was copied for the liturgical use of Cambrai, but painted in nearby Mons, artistic capital of Hainaut. It is now accepted that the style of the miniatures are the oeuvre of an artist (“historieur”) christened Master of Philip of Croÿ after his most famous Burgundian patron Philip of Croÿ (1435-1511).

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