Les Enluminures
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    In Latin and French, illuminated manuscript on parchment
    France, Rouen, c. 1465
    15 miniatures by the workshop of the Master of the Échevinage de Rouen

    This highly finished manuscript made for a special patron is notable for its unusual contents and its exceptional level of artistic achievement. The illumination is attributed to the Master of the Échevinage.

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    [Horae] Livre de Prières Tissé

    In Latin and French, illustrated book on silk 
    Lyon, R. P. J. Hervier, designer; J.A. Henry, fabricator, for A. Roux, 1886-1887

    Of the utmost rarity, this wholly unorthodox Book of Prayers is entirely machine woven of gray and black silk, using the Jacquard system of punched-cards in Lyon in the late nineteenth century.

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    The “Guyenet-Lardanchet” Hours 

    In Latin and French, illuminated manuscript on parchment
    France, Troyes, c. 1460
    With 14 large arch-topped miniatures, 4 roundels and 1 historiated initial by the Master of the Troyes Missal (Master of Charles de Neuchâtel)

    With its wide margins and glowing colors, this elegant Book of Hours joins the corpus of manuscripts painted in or near Troyes by the Master of the Troyes Missal. Dubbed the “Guyenet-Lardanchet” Hours, this manuscript was used continuously in the same family (Lardanchet) from the Jura region of France for over two centuries; they added an exceptionally complete livre de raison on its calendar pages.

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