Les Enluminures
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    Villeneuve Hours (Use of the Netherlands?)

    In Latin, illuminated manuscript on parchment
    Belgium, Bruges, c. 1450
    With 22 miniatures by the Master(s) of the Gold Scrolls

    Notable for its excellent fresh condition with colorful illuminations by one of the best hands of the Master(s) of the Gold Scrolls and for its use as a “livre de raison,”  this manuscript remained in the same family from the Auvergne from the sixteenth to the twentieth centuries.

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    Douville Hours (Use of Amiens)

    In Latin and French, illuminated manuscript on parchment
    France, Amiens, c. 1480-90
    With 16 miniatures

    This charming manuscript takes its name from the couple who commissioned it, perhaps as a marriage or betrothal present.

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